The Prinsengracht


New Holland House looks onto the the Prinsengracht canal,  the longest of he main canals in Amsterdam, named after the Prince of Orange. 

Anne Frank House


A two minute walk will take you to the Anne Frank House and museum, the hiding place of Anne Frank and her family during WWII (see

The Historic Westerkerk Church


The highest point in Amsterdam and the resting place of famous Dutch painter, Rembrandt.  You can hear the 17th century bells toll melodically in the background during your stay at New Holland House (see

De Negen Straatjes


With an abundance of small quirky retails shops, bars and restaurants run by local entrpreneurs (see

The famous Pulitzer Hotel


Directly across the canal, the setting for George Clooney, Brad Pitt et al in Oceans 12 shot in Amsterdam.  It is also the setting for the world famous Prinsengracht concert (

Dam Square


Situated a nice 10 minute walk away from NHH, Dam square is the central hub of Amsterdam for tourists and locals alike.



An authentic dutch local market including everything from traditional dutch food, fresh organic products to fabrics and clothes!